Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's resolution/New website/New wishes

So its 2013, over with 2012!  New Year's resolution?

1. I learned this year that if you want to be happy with your life you need to work hard-smart-balanced if i can say so have ONE main goal, everything else needs to just fill the gaps.
2.Dont listen anymore those annoying persons that only pollute your mind with bad thoughts! Remember...anything that takes the fun out of your life is an 'energy sucker' and anything that puts the fun back into your life is an 'energy giver' so try protecting against those persons. Just realize that you can change your life and you`re the only responsible if you feel like s**t!
3. Read more books, go to gym and eat more healthy and have an chill-zen life for a clear-focus mind :D

What about now?
Another great thing for me is to tell you that my new website its up, running, and finally managed to done it! so if you guys want to have a look and critique or say your thoughts i`m glad to hear.

Maybe for some of you 13 sucks but for me its a lucky number! aaaaa..actually it`s my favorite number and I will do my best to have an great year.
I was looking back, at the end of the year, and i have to say 2012 had an fucked up begin of the year and gone very bad for me(i was doing very boring stuff, ive got tired to fight for my ``dreams`` and i almost lose my interest in art)...but in the last part of the year things start moving great, ive got pumped and i`ve evolved a lot in my art! After all i didn`t expected at all to change that much life perspective and wishes in one year.

And here are some of my latest images

Have a great new 2013 and good luck with your goals!

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